She's Crafty Cake Decorating
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Elsa started decorating cakes when she saw that her local Michaels Arts & Crafts store was offering Wilton cake decorating classes. She did so well in all three courses that she was asked to become an instructor. It has now been five years that she has been teaching the Wilton Method of Cake decorating to over 350 students throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, New York, and now Southern California.

Since that time, Elsa graduated from The Institute of Culinary education with a culinary certificate. Elsa has also taken courses with several top cake decorating instructors, such as Toba Garrett, Author, and a Master Chef-Instructor and Head of Cake Decorating and Design department at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. Elsa also has taken at the Wilton School of Decorating in Chicago, with famed Author, extremely talented cake decorator, owner of Colette’s Cakes, in New York, Colette Peters, and classes with renowned gum paste flower artist and owner of Academy of Cake Art, Scott Clark Woolley in Manhattan, NY.

Elsa started the She’s Crafty Cake Decorating Company to teach advanced gum paste flower making, decorating with fondant, and cake baking techniques in the privacy of the student’s home.

Cake decorating and baking classes are based on Chef Toba Garrett’s new instructional book, "Professional Cake Decorating". Gum paste and sugar sculpture is based on Scott Clark Woolley's book "Cakes by Design".

Contact Elsa for a free quote and for more information.

She’s Crafty Cake Decorating is now online and can offer prospective students a glimpse of Elsa's impressive artistic skill through a photographic gallery of her work, as well as the work of her students.

Elsa is credentialed by the state of California to teach culinary arts. She started a new (R.O.P) pastry arts and Cake decorating (ELO) program at Bell Gardens High School.

Classes en Español are available.