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The Wonderful World Of Gum Paste Sugar Flowers

If you are wondering what gum paste is all about I am excited to tell you about the wonderful world of Gum Paste Sugar Flowers.

Gum paste (also called flower paste, modeling paste, petal paste, sugar paste depending what part of the world you are in) is made
from mixing powdered sugar, egg white, corn syrup (or glucose), water, gelatin, white vegetable shorting, and gum arabic or gum
tragacanth. Gum Arabic comes from a plant called Acacia Senegal, most plants grow in Sudan, and the other gum tragacanth comes
from a tree called Astralagus, which mainly grow in areas that stretch across the Sahel, into the Middle East and India. There are
many different recipes for gum paste, you can also buy pre-made gum pa ste or gum paste mix.

Once the paste is made it can be rolled paper thin, molded, shaped, cut, ruffled, and colored to make realistic looking flowers to
adorn any special occasion cake. Once the flowers have dried they look similar to porcelain. Each gum paste flower is made by
hand, from shaping to adding color, and arranging on a cake. Many people desire gum paste flowers for the art sculpting and
because many fresh flowers have pesticides. Gum paste flowers look so life like that sometimes you can not tell the difference
between fresh and hand made gum paste flowers.

Because Gum paste is made from edible products it is considered to be edible, but it is not appetizing, it does not taste good. When
gum paste flowers are made with wires (most are) they are then not considered edible. I highly recommend for gum paste flowers to
be used for decorative purposes only. Gum paste floral arrangements can also be used as keepsakes and these flowers unlike fresh
flowers can be kept for many, many years.

I also believe that many of you will find that gum paste flowers are not that difficult to make. I enjoy gum paste more so than piping
butter cream. You too can make these beautiful flowers. Don’t let their intricacy deter you from learning how to make these very
impressive sugar floral pieces of art.