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<meta name="description" content="At weddings, parties or other events a cake designed by She's Crafty makes a special event more special and memorable.">
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Elsa & one of her award-winning students at the FHA Heroes competition.
FHA is Future Home Makers of America.
He won 1st place & Best of Show in the regional division.
Elsa's students competed in the "Wedding Cake Decorating" category.
She’s Crafty Cake Decorating can show you how to create beautiful cakes, whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional student, there is always a new technique to be learned.

From beginning cake decorating techniques to gum paste sugar flowers and sugar sculpting, I can teach you the tricks of the trade. She’s Crafty Cake Decorating's specialty is individual personalized attention. If you would like to learn solo or with a group, we will be there to assist your every need.

Let us lend a hand in hosting: a cake decorating party, a gum paste flower making party or even a baking party. We even teach high elevation baking. She’s Crafty also caters to Little Chefs children’s cake or cookie decorating,and baking parties. For the holiday season Gingerbread House Parties are always a blast.

She's Crafty Cakes would be honored to teach you and your friends the Art of Cake Decorating and Sugar Art. I'll teach most anywhere in Southern California from the San Bernardino Mountains, Los Angeles, Ventura, and to San Diego. She’s Crafty Cake Decorating can make your next special occasion an unforgettable, fun filled experience and you’ll learn something too.

Elsa can teach anyone how to make these stunning Gum Paste sugar flowers:

Elsa made this cake for reknown artist and creator of Star War's YODA, Larry Noble.
Larry Noble's cake is an example of Elsa's Gum Paste sugar flower skills.
Gum Paste Peony
Gum Paste Passion Flower
Gum Paste Holiday Poinsettia Cake
Gum Paste Tiger Lily
Here is an example of one of Elsa's cakes, which was donated for the premiere of the "Lost Spirit" musical and benefit for the Jeran Foundation's commitment to funding research for a cure for AIDs.
This student entry won 3rd place at regional.
This student entry won second place at reveals and 3rd place at the state competition - This student also won a $2,000 dollar scholarship for college!